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Quirky Candy From Around The World

Almost everyone can agree that candy is one of life's great pleasures because it has a way of uniting people. Even though we may not agree on the finest kind of candy, we can all agree that it is generally delightful.

However, there are some candies that, although seeming quite bizarre or quirky to most people, have been enjoyed by people in various cultures since they were young children. Enjoy learning about some of these fascinating candies, then decide for yourself whether they are genuinely ingenious or merely quirky.

1. Lightning Bug Gummies: China

This delicacy from China is for you if you want to experience a tasty sweet that is also enjoyable to consume. Small gummy snacks called Lightning Bugs genuinely glow in the dark! There aren't any actual lightning bugs within this gummy treat, so don't worry.

Photo Credit: Candy Blog

The only peculiar aspect of the candy is how it functions, not what's inside. Small sweets in the form of bugs and a tiny pair of tweezers are included in each bag. On the tip of the tweezers are a battery and an LED light. Gummy bugs can be pinched with the tweezers' tip until they light up.

2. Green Tea Kit Kat: Japan

Here is an international sweet that does an excellent job of encapsulating traditional flavour in a distinctive package.

It's likely that when you think of the Kit Kat, you picture that iconic jingle of Nestlé and the irresistible crunch of milk chocolate on a crisp wafer. You're in for a fresh treat if you've never eaten a Green Tea Kit Kat.

Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Additionally, Japan is well recognised for its extensive selection of Kit Kats with distinctive flavours; green tea just so happens to be one of the greatest. Other tastes range from the deliciously decadent—Strawberry Cheesecake, for instance—to the bizarre—Wasabi and Purple Sweet Potato. But regardless of your preferences, each one is worthwhile to try.

3. Pineapple Lumps: New Zealand

Pineapple lumps, and chocolate-covered pineapple marshmallow bites, are essentially a New Zealand national treasure. Perhaps there was such shock when production switched to Australia from New Zealand in 2018.

Photo Credit: By Nick White, CC BY-SA 3.0

Ask a Kiwi how excellent these unusual candies taste are if you think pineapple and chocolate seem strange together or that the word "lumps" doesn't exactly make you want to drool!


4. Shingen Mochi: Japan

Shingen mochi is a well-liked Yamanashi mochi or rice cake snack. Although Shingen mochi is a relatively well-known Japanese dessert, the Kinseiken Seika Company has registered it as a trademark in the market.

Some attribute it to the sweet cakes Shingen Takeda ate, while others attribute it to abekawa mochi, a type of sweet popular during Yamanashi's Obon festival. Shingen mochi, regardless of where it comes from, is a favourite snack in Yamanashi.


5. Salt Liquorice: Northern Europe

All candies do not have to be sugary. Salmiakki, often referred to as salted black liquorice, is a favourite among consumers in several parts of Northern Europe. Kids enjoy the sour flavour of salt liquorice well into adulthood. Soft liquorice called salmiakki has ammonium chloride added to it to give it a distinct salty flavour.

Both hard and soft forms of salt liquorice are available for purchase, and it is frequently used as a flavour for ice cream, soda, and alcoholic beverages. For those who want to experience the candy, there are somewhat salty flavours. Although some of the product's manufacturers insist the candy is tasty and addicting, it does seem to be an acquired taste.

Photo Credit: By Marcin Floryan - Own work, CC BY-SA 2.5

6. Hotlix Insect Candy: California

Many cultures like eating bugs as treats, but the California-based Hotlix candy company goes for the wow (or is that the yikes?) factor. They first made worm suckers with a tequila flavour, and now they also put scorpions, crickets, and ants in lollipops or cover them in chocolate.

Photo Credit: Shutterstock

7. Moko Moko Mokolet Toilet Candy: Tokyo

The Moko Moko Mokolet is delivered as a DIY confectionery kit. When put together, it creates a toilet bowl the size of a dollhouse with a foamy sugar confection spilling out of it. This candy must be slurped straight from the toilet bowl using a straw. It comes in 8 distinct flavours, some of which include strawberry, melon, and cola. The toilet bowl might even wind up being reused as a decorative object or an oddly elaborate plant planter.

Photo Credit: Tataski

8. Percy Pig: UK

The next sweet is made by Marks & Spencer, a British firm. They invented Percy Pig, a gummy treat that is quite well-liked in the UK. Gummy candies always seem good, but these treats have an odd twist. Percy Pigs appear to be regular gummy candies; however, they include some pork gelatin.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

After learning the contents, these cute gummy piggies become a little unsettling. However, the raspberry-flavoured snacks are very well-liked and have a sizable fan base. If you want the same taste of the gummy candies but without the pork gelatin, you can get the gummies from Candy Express, which is well-known for its flavourful gummy candies.


9. Creamy Corn: Malaysia

There are many profitable uses for corn and many different ways to prepare and serve it. However, Victory Creamy Corn Candy is not among those wonderful ways to enjoy corn. Be careful; this sweet shouldn't be confused with the well-known and delectable Candy Corn.

The candy's packaging advertises that it "Tastes So Smooth, Tastes So Rich". This odd candy from Malaysia claims to be the ideal fusion of rich flavour and smoothness with a persistent aroma. Get a bag of Creamy Corn Candy the next time you want a taste of Thanksgiving!


10. Tayto Milk Chocolate Bar: Ireland

Since 1956, the Irish snack manufacturer Tayto has been producing crisps and other foods in its German factory. One of every five packs of crisps consumed in Northern Ireland, according to the business, is Tayto Cheese & Onion. But a few years ago, Tayto made the decision to introduce the world to a brand-new snack: the Tayto milk chocolate bar with cheese and onion crisps which included little pieces of their best-selling crisp in the limited-edition candy bar. 

Photo Credit: Taquitos.net

Numerous reviews of this bon candy were unfavourable and complained that the cheese and onion flavour was a little overpowering. Why on earth would you combine that with chocolate? You won't be able to try this strange treat, therefore be disappointed. Since it was only available in a limited quantity, you'll have to settle for their cheese and onion crisps.

11. Musk Sticks: Australia

What has a perfume-like flavour and looks like bubblegum toothpaste? Musk sticks, apparently! The peculiar confectionery that many Australians enjoy could be repulsive to others. Musk sticks are essentially pink sticks with a musk-like scent made of gelatin and icing sugar.

Photo Credit: By Samuel Wiki - Own work, CC0

The candy melts gradually in the mouth, and many people compare the flavour to a potent fragrance. The candy has been popular in Australia for a century despite being strange and difficult to understand.


12. Kopiko Coffee Candy: Indonesia

Kopiko, which is well-liked in Indonesia, Thailand, and even Japan, combines coffee's robust flavour with a variety of firm and soft textures and even serves cappuccinos. What's best? Because it contains java extract, get ready for a caffeine rush!

Photo Credit: By Gregory Lloyd - Own work, CC BY 2.5, 

13. Haribo Gold Bears: Germany

The gummy candies that figuratively broke the mould must not be forgotten. German Haribo Gummy Bears popularised the classic teddy bear shape even though they weren't the first gummy candies to appear. Who could resist such cute, tasty treats? Give it up for the sweet that served as the inspiration for milkshakes, cocktails, and smoothies.

Photo Credit: Candy Express 

14. Botan Rice Candy: Japan

Do you enjoy eating sweets but find it too lazy to remove them from the packaging? In fact, Botan Rice Candy invites you to consume the treat's packaging as well. It is a soft, chewy candy with lemon and orange flavouring that is packaged in edible rice paper. Even though the wrapping is edible, if you are under ten, don't eat it. You just need to taste the candy in the form of jelly-like cubes.

Photo Credit: Exploratorium.edu

The candy is packaged in a box that looks like a movie theatre, which appeals to kids. Along with the individually wrapped candy pieces, each box also includes a kid's sticker. Cartoon warriors, dogs, a rabbit using a computer, and even a squirrel perched on a mushroom are just a few of the collector stickers that may be found in the packaging. Although largely sweet, the candy also has a moderate flavour. The candy's edible wrapper is what makes it truly unique.


15. Poppins: India

The joys of watching a stack of fruity spirals emerge from a Poppins roll as a kid are everlasting. That and the fact that towards the end of a pack, your tongue would be covered in a rainbow of food colouring. Everyone had a favourite Poppins colour, and this candy was supposed to be shared. Ram and Shyam, a pair of witty twins from the Indian Tinkle comics universe, appeared in advertisements in the 1960s. These mascots were constantly prepared for quests and a game of Poppins.

Photo Credit: Chikotee.com

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