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Why Do We Give Candy As Wedding Favours?

Candy is one of the best wedding favours - it's festive, delicious, and makes for a sweet gift for your guests. Candy as wedding favours has been around for a long time. But, who made candy as wedding favours, a 'thing?' If you are curious to know who qualified candy to be the perfect wedding favour, you have come to the right place.

Origin Story Of The Candy As A Wedding Favor

Choosing the perfect wedding favour can be quite stressful. Wedding favours represent the couple's taste and personalities, and that's why it is essential to choose the right wedding favour. We have the Europeans to take the credit for introducing the concept of wedding favour and the additional expense that comes with it.

From the 16th to the 18th century, sugar cubes and morsels were commonly handed out at weddings by the rich as wedding treats. It was a way of exhibiting an abundance of wealth since sugar was an expensive commodity at the time.

When sugar became mainstream, and the lesser wealthy could afford to hand out sugar cubes in their weddings, the tradition of handing out wedding favours was born. Other wedding favours, such as almonds, became part of the gifting.

An early example of this was mixing sugar and almonds to create wedding favours similar to present-day chocolate-covered almonds. A single piece of this sugar and almond blend symbolised marriage's sweet and hard parts. Gifting 5 nuts in a go represented the married couple's wealth, health, longevity, fertility, and happiness.

Get Creative With Candy Wedding Favours

Candy wedding favours are a universal symbol of the married couple sharing the joy and festivities of the day with friends and family that make every celebration worth it. We advanced significantly from sugar-almonds as wedding favours to various candies as wedding favours.

Individually wrapped in elegant packages or a sumptuous bag of candies in picture-perfect packaging has made candy the perfect present for your guests to take back from the wedding. Make your day even more memorable with creative candy wedding favours that Candy Express can make for you. Discover the different types of gourmet candy you can find at Candy Express:

Gummy Candies

We work with only the most reputable candy manufacturers that make the best candies in South East Asia to bring you a whole range of gummy candies to choose from. If you are looking for candies for wedding favours for the kids, then you can explore some of these gummy candies:

Rainbow belt

Gummy bears

Jelly Hearts

Soda Bottle Jelly

Different shapes such as rings, worms, and more.

Jelly Beans

From children to adults, everyone likes jelly beans! These make for the most festive addition to your candy wedding package. Get them from Candy Express in tropics and berries mixes, and make your wedding favour a fun treat.


Add some extra sweetness to the happiest day of your life with marshmallow wedding favours. Our gourmet marshmallows come in the shapes of ice cream, rainbow twist, and pink and white cylinders that can make your wedding favour more personalised.

Jelly Hearts

Jelly Hearts are a very colourful addition to your wedding favours! Take your guests on a trip down memory lane with everyone's favourite Jelly Hearts. You can handpick a few colours to fill your wedding favours that match your wedding colour palette or leave it random for everyone to walk into a mini-surprise in their wedding favour.

Pick & Mix

Can't decide which candy to include in your wedding favour? Worry no more! You can now pick and mix as many candies as you want in your wedding favour at Candy Express. We can help create a tailored wedding package that includes all the candies you want.

So whether you want different types of gummy shapes, jelly beans and marshmallows, or only sour blasts with gumballs, you can have any combination you'd like! At Candy Express online we can help you create wedding favours that have only your favourite candies. We can even create custom wedding packages for all your guests if you'd like. All you have to do is pick and mix from our huge selection!

What Makes Candy As Wedding Favors The Best?

Candy as wedding favours is a favourite choice. It was a concept that started as a means of saying thanks to guests for coming to your wedding and celebrating this special day with you. It was a way of showing gratitude for their blessings to the newly married couple.

Nowadays, however, candies are now a popular wedding favour for several different reasons such as:

  • Significantly cost-effective when compared to other wedding favours
  • Most people like candies, making it an easy wedding favour
  • Easy to store and present as wedding favours
  • Beautiful packaging and presenting opportunities


Tips To Use Candy As Wedding Favours

Candies are an excellent choice as a wedding favour - but you need to know how to gift it right. Although it is hard to go wrong with candy wedding favours, it is still important to keep these tips in mind:

  • Choose a candy provider like Candy Express who can help you create the perfect wedding favour package
  • Choose candies that match your theme and colour palette to make your wedding favour more memorable
  • Make sure your guests like candies, and if they don't, keep alternative wedding favours for them
  • Wrap or package your candies properly to ensure longevity and hygiene

Find The Best Wedding Favour

Candy Express online, was established in 2013, has grown its clientele base throughout South East Asia. At Candy Express, we pride ourselves on offering customers the widest selection of 100% Halal-certified candies available for every occasion, all at affordable prices.

At Candy Express, we offer a wide range of unique wrapped, unwrapped and custom boxed candies in exciting shapes, colours and flavours. Our unique packaging service means you can be sure of finding the perfect selection to suit your wedding favour. Contact us today to plan your wedding favours!


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