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Halal is an issue of great importance for Candy Express and for many of our customers. We take great care to ensure our products are free from non-halal gelatin, colours such as E120 (Carmine/Cochineal), and other ingredients sourced from non-halal animals.

Candy Express is one of a few companies in the world with a massive range of high quality, nicely packaged products with the added benefit that they are all, without exception, 100% halal and suitable for the Muslim market.

Many of our products are suitable for vegetarians including our rainbow belts and party lollies.

The rest of our range including all of our jelly sweets, marshmallows, bubblegum and Sour Belt lines are all recognized by JAKIM Malaysia.

In the event of any queries regarding the halal nature of our products please do not hesitate to get in touch.

If you require a copy of our Halal certificate for display in your outlet please email info@candyexpress.online and we’ll send it over ASAP.

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